With over 20 years of experience in managing projects in the construction and oil and gas industries, MICA Qatar has developed a deep understanding of the fundamental aspects of claim and dispute management. 

Often, disputes are mired in a stand-off situation with both affected parties unwilling to reach a compromise.
In this case, the situation calls for the intervention of a third-party to analyze and bring the dispute to a quick conclusion.
Cost – especially if there is a prolonged litigation or arbitration – can have a huge and totally unnecessary impact on the project and the client.
MICA has the ability to bring about a quick resolution by managing your disputes by analyzing your contractual and legal standing, and through fact-finding by involving your project personnel in the proceedings



Facilitating Claim Management, Arbitration, Adjudication, Mediation and Schedule Delay Analysis


Full claims preparation service or guidance


Adjudication is a quick and relatively cost-friendly method of resolving disputes.


In order to facilitate proceedings, our team will undertake the preparation of key documents to support the dispute.
MICA will also provide counsel on any key issues raised in its findings. This will also include the development of key strategy.
MICA undertakes the management of all your dispute requirements thus acting as your representative while off-setting the need for the case to be heard via arbitration.
We understand that in a claim or dispute, each case is a unique proposition therefore requiring specifically tailored consulting services to ensure a cost effective and succinct resolution.
Regardless of your role, be it that of a contractor or an owner, MICA will ensure that our planned approach is in accordance with your needs as a client.


Adjudication is a fairly new practice in the Gulf but is quite widely practiced internationally.
Adjudication is the statutory right given to every party to a contract to refer a dispute to an independent third party— in this case, MICA— who will function as the adjudicator.
MICA will present its findings so that judgment can be given based on the established rights and obligations between the parties involved.
The adjudication procedure is intended to deal with all manner of disputes, including delays, additional cost claims, variations etc.
As one of the first to introduce adjudication locally, we hope to be able to increase the awareness of this method of dispute and claims settlement as it is cost-effective and can be a quick method of resolution.


MICA Qatar’s promise is to always ensure that we offer the best possible solution to our clients. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, we practice what we preach. This has resulted in our considerable success in building project platforms for our clients in and around the Gulf region.
Talk to our consultants today to determine how we can help your organization achieve its desired levels of quality management today.

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